I love reading the ‘about’ section on websites. Especially when it’s written in third person but you just know that the person typed it out themselves, being their own tiny ghostwriter. I won’t start writing about ‘Pien van Grinsven’, I will just admit that it’s me writing about me, for you.


I think every story has its very own way of being told. For each film I make, finding that one specific way is central. In my work, many different elements  – animation, fiction, dance, documentary – come together, blurring the lines between them. My films are all very different but have a certain playfulness in common.


And then some background, in case you’re a bit like me and you enjoy reading these kinds of things. After studying political science, I worked as a documentary researcher before being accepted into the international  documentary master Doc Nomads. This took me to Budapest, Lisbon and Brussels, making a short film in every city. Now I continue making films, both working on independant projects and on commission for different clients between Belgium and the Netherlands.